I have always practiced one or more sports during my life, both at a competitive and amateur level, starting with karate and soccer to then get to basketball and cycling.


Among them, basketball represents my first true love! I started this sport in Misterbianco more than 20 years ago and I have never stopped. I will play basketball until my body tells me “it’s time to stop man!”. During my career I played in different categories, ranging from “Promozione” to “C2”, learning a lot from my coaches (Filippo Galatà, Gabriele Giorgianni, Giovanni Orestano, Stefano Platania) and meeting amazing people some of whom have become great friends. This sports also represented a great “mean of communication” during my first stay in United States, giving me the opportunity to know new people and release the stress and fatigue due the many hours spent in the lab making experiments! During my “basketball career” I played many years for Mens Sana Mascalucia team, a well-organized association, made up of people who love this sport. Since my return from the United States, I have been part of Misterbianco, “closing the circle”, and I am pretty sure this will be the last team I will play for.

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Cycling is the basketball’s little brother, a sport that I had never considered until 10 years ago. I started cycling thanks to my uncle Mimmo, very fond of this sport. Day after day I became more and more passionate about this sport which allowed me to visit incredible places, very often in the company of my dear friend Claudio Maria Fusto. The most incredible year is represented by 2013 in which thanks to Claudio’s training I was able to participate and complete what has been defined as the “toughest race in Europe”, Ötztaler Radmarathon (238 km, 5500 m of altitude to climb in one day) taking place in Austria. In the last few years, due to my work and family commitments, my time to devote to this beautiful sport has decreased considerably, but I have never missed the opportunity to go out for biking with my friends Giovanni, Giuseppe, Sante, Claudio and many others, when possible, and I can say without a doubt that there are still miles to go on my bike.

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