After high school graduation I enrolled in Biological Science to pursue my bachelor of science (B.Sc.). They were four intense and formative years characterized by interesting courses such as physiology, developmental biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. After the accomplishment of the B.Sc. I felt the need to expand my studies with something new, but at the same time linked to my knowledge in the field of biology. I then enrolled in Biomolecular Chemistry to pursue my master of science (M.Sc.), still at the University of Catania. This was one of the best choices of my life, in fact, the two years of the M.Sc. allowed me to study the biological processes from a different point of view and strengthen my knowledge of chemistry.

In the Italian system, courses are graded with a maximum of 30 points. Students may be awarded 30/30 with honors for exemplary work beyond the course requirements. My average score at the end of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. were 27.53 and 28.99, respectively. I have earned both B.Sc. and M.Sc. with a maximum grade of 110/110 with honors.

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