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I strongly believe in the term “collaboration”, it is of utmost importance! During the last 10 years I have been collaborating with different researchers, often with very different backgrounds. I can say without any hesitation that it was important and very formative for me because I have learned (and I am still learning…) a lot from each of them. Since 2010, I have established several collaborations worldwide, starting from United States (Kansas and Ohio) and moving to Brazil (Sao Paulo), Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), and Italy (Rome and Catania).

Collaborations Maps

Since my return to Italy, thanks to Prof. Caraci’s research network, I am also part of other international and national collaborations like those with Prof. Claudio Cuello (Montreal, Canada), Prof. Harald Hampel, Dr. Simone Lista, Dr. Andrea Vergallo (Paris, France), Prof. Fabio Tascedda (Modena, Italy), Prof. Cristina Lanni (Pavia, Italy), Prof. Stefania Schiavone (Foggia, Italy), Prof. Filippo Drago, Prof. Salvatore Salomone, Prof. Maria Angela Sortino, Prof. Claudio Bucolo, Prof. Gian Marco Leggio, Prof. Giuseppe Grosso, Prof. Marco Ragusa, Prof. Agata Copani, Prof. Carmela Parenti, Prof. Claudia Carbone, Prof. Teresa Musumeci (Catania, Italy), and Dr. Raffaele Ferri (Troina, Italy).

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